Hello World

Hello indeed!
In this first post I’ll try to explain my plan forward and what you can expect in the near future.

The plan is to start this blog off with a few introductionary tutorials in Powershell aimed for beginners or those who have never even touched it before.
From there we’ll most likely continue on the Powershell track, exploring different areas of this amazing tool.

Since I do not yet have a big presence online (99% of my scripts are local and customer specific), I will be working on setting up my GitHub for scripts that I feel can be useful for the community.
The same goes for 3D designs I’ve made, designs that others can benefit from will be shared (most likely on Thingiverse).
My designs are simple and often very specific to something I need (I’m an amateur with few hours in CAD software) but some are pretty decent.

You can also expect typos, grammatical errors and fun mistakes!
English is my second language and I’ll most likely write these posts without the help of any autocorrect or language spelling checks.

We can also note that my skills in Powershell and other areas we’ll discuss, are self taught. I’ll be speaking from experience and what I have learnt along the way.
Might be some terminology that is incorrect or you don’t agree with, share it with me in the comments and I’ll learn too!
I might solve a problem differently than how you would, please share your solution as well!
That’s one of the great things with scripting and developing (expecially Powershell), there can be multiple solutions to one problem!

Continue to learn and evolve your skills, see you in the next one!

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